Jun 14, 2011

tattoos and piercings | whitehorse photographer

Sometimes I get invited to participate in some exciting, creative events and this time I had just finished a maternity photo session and happened to have all my camera gear on hand... so of course I got in there and played along. These incredible models were invited by the good folks at Triple J's Music in downtown Whitehorse to come out and show off their body art. One of my good friends and clients, Jen (see her maternity photos here) is the resident body piercer and she wanted images of body art in her studio.

yeah, those are piercings. Wild, no?

This beautiful young lady is the niece of Jordi, the co-owner of Triple J's (see her photos at the bottom of this post!)

This is Dan. He's the tattooer for Triple J's... he was also the other photographer on set that day. We had so much fun, didn't we, Dan?!?!

This is Dan's wife and portfolio. Lovely.

This is one of the owners of Triple J's. She was so fun to work with and um... HAWT!! lol I envy people with enough guts to get this much ink. Wow.

This beauty is Akiko. She was the resident makeup artist... Y'think?!?! ROWR!



  1. Wow, amazing body art, and amazing photos!

  2. Wicked - looks like a successful event - well done!!