Apr 14, 2010

Jenelle & Sonny Maternity Session | Whitehorse Children's Photographer

It has been a little while since I had the chance to soak up the love & excitement of a couple expecting a baby...this has got to be one of my MOST favorite things. As a mom of two, I know exactly how these expectant parents are feeling. I vividly remember the anticipation, the suspense and even the sheer terror on a few days! hahaha!

This couple has got to be the most entertaining, charming and blissfully in love pair that I have ever met! It was so much fun to photograph them and their adoration for one another came through in every image. I love sessions like this. I am extra excited to meet their new addition (we've got their newborn session booked!! Stay tuned for the update!)

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  1. ya...that was one of the best pregnant days EVER!! we had so much fun, and got so much out of it! more than just awesome photos even...awesome friends!