Jun 15, 2011

What type of investment should I expect from my session & portraits? | whitehorse children's photographer

When it comes to making purchasing decisions about priceless and lasting investments, it’s important to do your homework. The birth of a child, her first steps, his high school graduation – these are milestones that don’t wait for a stimulus package but deserve more preservation than a point and shoot camera can provide. With your family growing and changing at break neck speed, it is important to you to capture these memories today. So now, more than ever, parents are wondering what type of investment they should expect from their photography session and portraits.

Hiring a professional photographer that specializes in children’s photography is the first important step in ensuring that your investment is realized.
Photographers are passionate about their subject matter and professional children’s photographers are no exception. While some folks with cameras are great at taking pictures of stunning architecture or breathtaking sunsets, professional children’s photographers are uniquely skilled in capturing the relationship a child has with the world around them.

Know your photographer’s style.
Some professional children’s photographers may use natural light and have a candid style, while others shoot exclusively in black and white, or include the use studio lights, antique furniture or beautiful costumes. Make sure you spend time looking the photographer’s web site to ensure that their style achieves your desired look.

Understand the session fee.
Session fees do not simply cover the time behind the camera during the shoot. You are investing not only in skill and experience, but also many hours of preparation and post-production work. Because you are essentially commissioning a photographer to create one-of-a-kind art for your home, your photographer will have a real sense of who you are and what you are looking to get out of this experience well before they ever pick up the camera.

Session Day – be yourself & bring happiness to the shoot.
You’ve invested money and time in a professional, so make sure you do everything you can to set your session up for success. Best advice? Relax and model happiness. Children’s photographers work with all sorts of personalities everyday, so no need to tell your little one to smile or how to perform during the shoot.

What really happens behind the curtain.

The images have been taken and you may now be anxious to see the results. Your photographer really has a good sense for who you are at this point and they’ll spend genuine time going through the images, choosing the very best ones, and taking care to touch up each memory individually. Rest assured, this is no small effort. At the hand of your photographer, this is when a high quality image takes the next step and becomes your personal art.

Ordering and making financial decisions.

Whether in person or through an online gallery, when the date comes for the ordering meeting, the best thing you can do to facilitate great decisions for your investment is invest in a babysitter. You will have lots of choices to consider and your experienced professional children’s photographer will easily guide you through the process. Little ones underfoot during the meeting can be distracting.
So while commissioning a professional children’s photographer is a bit more of a financial investment than hiring a friend to take pictures, the real investment matters most beyond the wallet. A professional children’s photographer will ensure that these captured moments and milestones not only represent your life, but become your most cherished art.

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