Jul 1, 2013

KTY | Day 14

I am really good at taking things on. I have a very large plate and it is always very, very full. I am a chronic project starter and LOVE to get new ideas rolling into real plans/campaigns/projects. I also have a hard time pacing myself and saying "NO" to a project when I don't truly have the time to commit to it and to execute it to the best of my ability. I always think, "I'll make it work" or "It won't be THAT time consuming". Famous last words, right?

In this edition of my KTY work, I'm puttering away on the materials offered by Time Management Ninja +Craig Jarrow

In this exercise, I'll be honest about what I need to ditch in my list of commitments. Here we go!
 There are very few things on my project list that I want to or can afford to ditch. I think I have one monthly commitment that will not be renewed when the time comes. I volunteer a lot. I mean A LOT. I have sat on a handful of boards for years on end. A board of directors is not paid and it is often a thankless job. Non profit organizations cannot run without them but it's not always the most self-loving way to spend my time. In my early board-member years, it was about self worth and volunteerism visibility. It was validation. Now, it's a timesuck. And one I can afford to let go of. Once the AGM rolls around, I'll decline to let my name stand as a director. Plain & simple.

My hobbies are few but I can definitely commit to two things. Not to add on any new ones and to not spend any money on hobby-related materials until I use up what I have. Thankfully, that's not much and I want to keep it that way.

In order to commit to this I had to do two things - I had to say it out loud to my husband who is the one person I can be totally truthful without filtering anything ever. The second thing was to get real with myself about retail therapy and how ridiculous a notion that is. I will stop spending money needlessly on things I do not need. No more purchases to improve my mood. That's silly. Spend time doing things I love, now there's some REAL therapy.

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