Jul 3, 2013

Enchanting the Lens

Nikon D800 ISO200 65mm F 10
In preparing what I was going to tell you about these images, I didn't really want to bore you with the technical details. However, what I wanted to do was show you a few images from a recent shoot with a naturally gorgeous young woman named Morgan. She is an aspiring hair & makeup artist who truly enchanted my lens. She took direction with grace and her relaxed approach to the task at hand lent so beautifully to the end result.

When I shoot a session that yields photographs like this, they reach deep down inside of me at awaken the truest parts of my artist-self. This is why I do what I do. This is why I photograph women. Everyone possesses beauty just like this. Natural, honest, inarguable. I hope that I get the chance to show more and more women - young and old, slim or not - that their beauty is uniquely perfect and something I would be honored to celebrate with them.

Nikon D800 ISO200 70mm F2.8

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