Mar 4, 2013

What's in the bag - Volume 1

For starters, I don't like to haul a hundred pounds of gear with me everywhere I go but sometimes, I just can't leave a lens behind so I bring it all! I also don't love all the boring dude bags. No army-green canvas or black nylon for this girl! No siree! I use an Epiphanie bag - the "Belle" in teal, to be exact. It holds a surprising quantity of gear and is as comfortable as any other. I chose this specific bag because of how many compartments it has and it came in a color close to one of my logo colors. It also has a gorgeous light colored interior which helps when searching for things lost at the bottom of the bag. Also all the dividers can be rearranged however you wish.

My bag is always a serious mess. I'm bad for leaving back-caps and lens caps off. Taking time to remove them during a session can cause me to miss the shot so they accumulate at the bottom of the bag. I get hassled by the hubster for my negligence. I don't encourage this practice but I suspect I'm not alone in my haste and laziness.

The rundown of the contents is as follows :
-Nikon D800 (main camera)
-Nikon D700(backup camera – not shown)
-SB900 Speedlight
-2 Pocket Wizards
-Sekonic light meter – which I don't use
-Lensbaby composer w/ assorted optics
-Nikkor 50mm 1.4
-Nikkor 60mmm 2.8 Micro
-Nikkor 35-70mm 2.8
-Nikkor 12-24mm 1.4
-Sigma 24-70mm 2.8
-Nikkor 70-210 4-5.6 (in desperate need of updating!)
-large reflector
-small reflector/diffuser
-small shoot-thru umbrella
-battery chargers
-assorted CF cards – all Sandisk

Studio gear::
-AB400 strobe
-AB800 strobe
-2 softboxes
-86” PLM (Shoot-thru umbrella)
-2 sets of backdrop stands
-asstorted light stands
-assorted rolls of seamless paper – white is my fave though
-assorted printed backdrops – don't use these much
-more props than I care to admit to.

Currently en route from a recent purchase::
-Nikon SB910 Speedlight
-Pocket Wizard
-gels (for the flash)
-light stand
-softbox for out-of-studio shooting
-gels for studio strobes

I will be working through this list explaining how I use each individual item and why I chose what I did. I am not going to bore you with specs and other lame details because lord knows there's enough reveiw blogs out there to bore you to tears, so instead I'll give you real-life stuff and my opinions. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

See you soon

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  1. Thanks, Vanessa. As a developing photographer I find it very interesting and helpful to see what a seasoned professional is using and doing. I appreciate your willingness to share...