Mar 6, 2013

The Photographer's Mind

Winter is beginning to draw to a close which means that while the snow continues to fall, the temperatures are warming just a little. This is a sure sign that it's not going to be winter forever. The change of the seasons always inspires me to try something new. This young lady has been in front of my camera several times before. Her natural beauty is one of those things that keeps my creative mojo flowing like crazy.

Before my career in photography, I was a clothing designer so creating the long black tulle skirt shown in the image below was like waking up a part of me that has been patiently waiting for everything to be just right to come back into action.

I wanted to show contrast with the black wardrobe against the white environment as well as soft and romantic qualities in the cold, harsh snowy surroundings.

Nikon D800 24-70mm ISO200 1/160sec F9 flash at 1/64power

Although the cold winter wind was picking up and we were getting very chilly, the blue skies reminded me of how the Yukon summer can color the sky the most stunning shade of blue. It's like a promise of milder temperatures being right around the corner.

Nikon D800 24-70mm ISO200 1/160sec F9 flash at 1/64power

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