Jan 5, 2012

danica's birthday session | whitehorse children's photographer

This lovely little girl was here at the studio near the end of 2011 with her cousins (see the photos) and came back again for a super cute birthday session that was clearly all about purple. Danica is a December baby and this is our second birthday session. It seems like a million years ago that we documented her turning one (see the photos). Wow, time sure zips by.

There's something extra cute about the way a 2 year old can get into downward dog so effortlessly. I, on the other hand do not have quite the same level of flexibility... although I do try :)

And as all of you who are parents know, when a two-year old decides to do things her own way, that is what you get. Just go with it. (and can I even tell you how much I love those curly little pigtails?!?!)

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