Jan 2, 2012

hanna & lauren | whitehorse baby photographer

I love babies. I love the faces, the personalities, the chub... I love it all. These two ladies were everything I hoped for and more. They brought with them no shortage of great expressions, totally different personalities and yeah, some chub.

Families always remember to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new little one (or little ONES) with maternity portraits. Newborn photos are a given too.... as are first birthday and other milestones but let's not forget the fun that can be had in a 6-month session. Personalities are beginning to blossom and each little person definitely has likes & dislikes, preferences and abilities. These things change so fast that it is easy to forget to bring your little one in for professional portraits at these super fun in-between stages. I adore working with babies & children and invite you to book a session to remember this fun & fleeting stage in your child's first year.

And if you know me at all, you know I love a good outtake. This one is on the shortlist for 2011 of favorite outtakes. There was a broken-hearted cry that accompanied that sad little face. Good thing mama was nearby to soothe this sweetie.

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