Jan 18, 2011

danica's birthday session | whitehorse children's photographer

One of the most fun sessions I get to do are the Birthday Sessions. They are pretty much the same as a regular children's portrait session but for me, being a lover of birthdays, it is extra fun to make an even bigger deal out of birthdays by participating in these terrific shoots.

This is Danica, who I got to photograph out at my farm in the fall. She had definitely moved past all the uncertainty that was central to our first session and this time, she was givin' me all the faces, body language and a ton of smiles (which were less than forthcoming last time!) But like I mentioned when I posted the photos from her first session in the fall, those hesitant expressions say so much about how they view the world and I never get to capture that again because at second and subsequent sessions, I'm no longer a stranger.

There was lots of laughing and silliness which is a KEY ingredient to birthday sessions. I had such a fun time creating these images for her family and I know they are going to look fantastic on the walls!! This first one is going to be printed on a big canvas and hung in Danica's bedroom (which just so happens to be pink & brown! Imagine that!)

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