Oct 3, 2011

welcome to atlanta part 2 | whitehorse children's photographer

Okay, so day two of the Atlanta trip was MUCH better because I finally had my suitcase (read: toothbrush) and I felt like a brand new woman! I had an unbelievable time at the workshop listening to amazing speakers, getting motivated and making friends... who were good enough to indulge my utimate love of food.

Oh, and did i mention that I started my day again with room service again?? Best invention in the entire world. And I figured since I was in the south, I better experience some southern food... so i tried grits, biscuits & gravy, eggs, ham (seriously, who can eat that much food!?). What I want to know is why on earth do people NOT make grits in Canada?? What the heck is the matter with you people?!?! Don't you like delicious food?!?!

Anyway, so at lunch, my new friends Amanda & Leah took me over to the food court in the CNN building next door where I finally got to try Chick-fil-a. Oh sweet Jesus. Spicy chicken sandwich, I just about died! All of a sudden, I'm feelin' kinda like Canadian food is bland & boring. And like I should open a Chick-fil-a franchise in Whitehorse!

And then there was dinner... Again, in the food court in the CNN building, Leah & I hit Don Juan's (a Mexican joint. duh!) and I had to have both a margarita and chili rellenos. So the margarita was like being punched in the mouth with a tequila fist (that's a good thing) and I was drowning in a sea of cheese & tomato sauce with my chili rellenos. I about died again. Twice in one day over food. I am in love with Atlanta!

This is the amazing, inspired, talented, motivated, hilarious (orange juice drinking challeged! ha!) Leah. We met on the first day, walking through the massive Georgia World Congress Center and were pretty much joined at the hip all weekend. She just quit her job to be a full time photographer. This is what a rockstar looks like, in case you ever wondered.

and if you ever want to die of cheese overload with a bean & rice chaser, this is totally the way to go. Just sayin'.

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  1. Awwwwww, tear :( You are so stinkin' sweet!!!! I don't think anyone has ever said anything so nice about me =) We were for sure joined at the hip!! And now attached to one another via FB hahaha And let's not mention the orange juice again LOL Crack me up!