Sep 25, 2011

welcome to atlanta | whitehorse children's photographer

What an amazing trip! This weekend, I'm attending a workshop in Atlanta Georgia compliments of an online friend, Joel Miesels from Adorama (an unbelievable retailer in the US for all kinds of camera gear). He had passes to give away and generously gave one to me! yay! I booked my flight & hotel and early (and I mean EARLY) saturday morning, I left Whitehorse.

It all started innocently enough...

Like any other trip outside, I checked in at the Whitehorse International Airport, cleared security (without getting felt up this time, I might add!) and boarded my plane. Sounds normal so far, no? Well, we didn't get to board the flight exactly on time. The emergency slide wasn't functioning normally so we couldn't go anywhere till it was. That only took an hour. Good thing there was a decent chunk of time till my next flight in Vancouver. But at long last (50 mins late) we were airborne.

There goes Riverdale! Good bye, Riverdale!! See that little blue bridge right in front of the engine? I shoot a ton of sessions along that section of the Millennium Trail. One of my most favorite and versatile spots in downtown whitehorse...especially for little kids. Foot & bicycle traffic only.

There's a stretch of the Yukon River where me and the fam spent a huge chunk of our "free time" this summer. The hubster got a new-to-him boat (which is nameless and upon his insistence that we give it a female name, I've lovingly dubbed her "the other woman") and whenever things were quiet, that's where we were... that's the upside of a rotten season on the farm, lots of recreation time!

This photo is for the benefit of my new Southern US friends... those of you who don't get snow, this is just a light "sugar dusting" ... there's MUCH more where this nasty stuff came from!

So, long story short, my 2nd & 3rd flights were about 20 minutes apart in Salt Lk. City, Utah. I managed to board the plane in time for takeoff but my bags weren't quite so fortunate. Dang. So with no contact lens solution, toothbrush or toothpaste, clean socks (among other things) I was given this assortment of survival gear from the good folks at Delta Airlines. Was better than a smack in the ass but not by much.

But now, after one seriously full half-day of classes, not a lot of food (save for one of life's finer luxuries - room service) and the long-awaited return of my bag, I can enjoy my surroundings in a much calmer (and cleaner) state.

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