Oct 9, 2011

welcome to altanta part 3 | whitehorse children's photographer

Oh man... Atlanta is definitely one of my favorite cities! I had an entire afternoon to use however I wanted and so after the workshop wrapped up, I headed off to lunch with my new pal, Amanda (another workshop buddy!) to a cool joint with a big skull at the entrance. It's called The Vortex. Ever been there?

This burger changed my life. Buffalo wing sauce, super garlicky pickle, a giant gob of blue cheese... dang! The perfect burger. and yeah, check out those yam fries!! Just two girls eatin' a little lunch :)

Giraffe family! Get a load of that sweet baby giraffe!!

A rhinoceros! Never thought I'd see one of these!

Wild boar, not exactly the prettiest animal at the zoo, but still cool to see.

And a meerkat. Very awesome little creatures!

Seth would lose his mind to see this guy. This is a Bearded Dragon. Seth is obsessed with dragons and I'm sure he's going to ask me to have one of these as a pet the second he sees this image! LOL!

Probably the most beautiful animal in the entire zoo was this pair of elephants. Their expressions, the eye contact... they can see right into you. Amazing creatures.

And of course, a person cannot visit Zoo Atlanta and not see the panda bears. This sweetheart was fast asleep, totally oblivious to the visitors in his area.

The next installment of the Atlanta trip is a little more dramatic, upsetting and totally worth reading! You won't want to miss it! Stay tuned!

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