Oct 11, 2011

someone stole my truck! | whitehorse children's photographer

By now, some of you may have heard about the drama that befell my family while I was in Atlanta Georgia for a workshop in September. For those of you who have not yet heard or have only heard about part of the story, here's my side of things.

I arrive in Atlanta (with delayed baggage and not the best demeanor at 12:30am) I go to bed, and head off to day one of the workshop. Upon returning to my hotel room after a long, amazing and inspiring day of learning and networking, I call home to say goodnight to my boys. The conversation is pretty normal and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Then my mother in law takes the phone. "Have you spoken to Ray yet today?" she asks... That is what you call a LOADED QUESTION. I tell her that I haven't spoken to him, to which she replies, "I better let him tell you..." she trails off. Not being known for my patience, I urge her to tell me whatever it his Ray needs to tell me. Turns out my truck had been stolen the night before from our farm which, if you don't know, is well outside the city limits of Whitehorse. Vehicle theft from out there is uncommon.

I freak out a little but don't hear from him until the morning, thanks to the time difference. We finally speak the next day and the rest of the story rapidly unfolds... Not only was my truck stolen, but it was also used to carry the thieves towards Haines Junction where the criminals apparently robbed Madleys General Store, maced the security guard and beat him up, stole the safe and drove my truck until the motor blew up.... but not before allegedly shooting at the police car that was chasing them - from INSIDE the vehicle. MY VEHICLE!

Ray's brother was heading out to work with his crew, spotted "a truck that looked like it could be the Blazer" and after a quick license plate check, yep... my truck.

It has been two weeks and I haven't even laid eyes on my poor truck. It's finished. A total junker. They drove it like they stole it but since it was involved in a police shooting, I guess it's evidence now.

Oh, and did I mention my background support was in the truck? Yeah, its true. Major inconvenience and scary as hell. These people were at my home, armed and not afraid of shooting people. So glad Ray didn't wake up. So glad my dogs didn't notice. So glad my family is unharmed.

I have a new car now. A pretty blue Ford Focus. Fully loaded, every feature the good folks at Ford make, I think. Definitely takes the sting out of having my truck stolen, but only a little.

Not sure what happens next with the truck but as soon as I know more, I'll share.

I'll be passing the collection plate around later :(

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  1. I feel like I was on the American Idol Ford commercial (does that make any sense to you Canadian folk?) LOL LOVE the color...so YOU!