Oct 29, 2011

louis | whitehorse baby photographer

Many of you will likely recognize this fine young fellow. This is the one and only Louis. You were first acquainted with him in his mama & daddy's maternity session HERE and again in his birth video HERE and of course in his newborn session HERE. He's a very well-published young man and when I was shooting all those kids in their halloween costumes, I asked his mama, Darcy to bring him down so I could see him in his super cute costume. Link

He has the best smile, the most shiny bright eyes and Lord have mercy, that delicious (naturally occuring) Justin Bieber-esque hairdo. I don't know how babies continue to be so flippin' cute but I almost can't handle it! Almost.

Seriously? Bubbles? How is a person supposed to resist those?!?


  1. What a cutie! I love how he's so focused in that last shot, he's blowing bubbles :) that is happy baby

  2. That seriously has to be one of the cutest kids i have ever freakin seen! His eyes are amazing and his hair? Too much! Oh yeah...and great photos too!