Jun 17, 2011

introducing louis | whitehorse newborn photographer

So you've seen the maternity photos and you probably saw his birthday slideshow and now, this is the little one for whom all the fuss is being made. This is Louis (you can call him "Lewis" or "Louie", both are fab, just like him!!). I think he's just wonderful. He reminded us of his stubborn streak at the beginning of his session but our patience (and persistence) paid off. I think he decided that my cozy beanbag was *the* place to be and finally gave in to a little sleepy-time.

I know that it won't be long till this beautiful little boy figures out just how loved he is and how infinitely cool his mama & daddy are... and that's bound to be something he inherits. Stole my heart in an extra-large way. *SWOON!*

and seriously... tell me that isn't the BEST head full of hair you've seen all day!

And hopefully by now, you know the drill...
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  1. Beautiful pics and baby!

  2. He is just so adorable!

  3. I'm biased, but I think he's the cutest baby ever! xoxo