Sep 2, 2011

noah & payten | whitehorse children's photographer

A few weeks back, just after the nasty rains were just beginning to think about giving us a break before the snow started to fly, I had scheduled a session with this fantastic family at Fish Lake. Unfortunately, not long into our session, we realized that the post-rain climate had made for perfect conditions for insane black fly breeding! The swarms were unbearable and after a whole-hearted attempt to create fun and relaxed images (with not a lot of success), we decided to wrap up for the time being and reschedule our session another day - away from buggy Fish Lake.

So this past week, we met up along my favorite stretch of the Millennium Trail in Whitehorse along the Yukon River. We walked, we picked flowers, we blew dandelion puffs and we even spotted a few sunflowers that some kind soul had planted along the trail. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing (which meant NO BUGS!) and we enjoyed a wonderful stroll through the trees.

Occasionally, when the forces are working against us (like bugs, rain, cranky kiddos), we just finish up and continue the remainder of the session another day. I have incredibly high expectations for the variety and quality of image options for my clients to choose from in their session so sometimes, that means we get to hang out together one more time. That's always fun!! I love knowing that my clients are flexible and I do my best to be also, that way there's no pressure and everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. Plus everyone's confident that we're getting amazing captures from the time we DO spend together!

So without further ado, here are the images from both sessions with big brother Noah and his little sister, Payten.

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