Aug 31, 2011

matthias & daniel | whitehorse children's photographer

With summer drawing to a close and the delicious fall colors sneaking up on us, there is something magical that happens in the images that I create for my clients. There is a warmth and depth in the tones of the environment that can only be captured at this time of year and it makes me so creatively satisfied... not to mention when I have wonderful subjects in front of my lens like Matthias & Daniel who really make my job super easy.

These two were so incredible to photograph (even if Daniel was shy for all of a nanosecond at the beginning of our session!) and I know their mama is going to be over the moon for the industrial strength charm these two were givin' me!

Whitehorse hasn't seen a lot of sun this summer but now that fall is settling upon the Yukon landscape, there are colors that cannot be missed!

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  1. Oh my gosh, What gorgeous little men you photographed. The first picture there...his eyes are to die for! Love this time of year for the colors. Great work yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. beautiful pics! Mathias and Daniel are superstars and I love the one of the two of them on the sidewalk.

  3. One proud Auntie here; such handsome young men. How on Earth did Matthias get so big???

    Great photos!

  4. WOW! Great looking young lads. The young ladies will be swooning over Mathias. Love from Aunt B. and Uncle C.

  5. So beautiful...I mean handsome boys!...but yes...beautiful...