Sep 9, 2011

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If you have been watching my Facebook Fan Page lately, you will have noticed that I posted a few snapshots of my new tattoos. I waited a long time to finally get another tattoo - TEN years!! And while these two pieces of body art were a little impulsive, the reasons behind them are nothing new.

While I was at the NAPCP retreat in Vail, Colorado earlier this year, I participated in a class that encouraged us as artists to really look inside ourselves to find where our inspiration and style come from. I didn't think I would gain anything from this workshop and I was a little skeptical. I wondered, "how is someone else gonna teach me MY style?"... well, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Not only did the instructors, Deb Schwedhelm and Leah Zawadzki not even try to teach me my style, they knocked my socks off by opening my eyes to where it comes from within ME. Most of the women in our group (who were brave enough to share their stories with the rest of us) were in tears - it was like being on Oprah! and I was one of them. I felt a connectedness with my own inspiration and for the first time I had looked it square in the face and could explain, describe and articulate where my "stuff" comes from. I felt liberated, renewed and unstoppable!

Since returning home from the retreat, I have approached every day in my studio with a different kind of confidence and a sense of being super "tuned-in". My clients are benefitting, the mundane administrative functions of my business are benefitting and I personally am benefitting. I could not be in a more powerful creative position. So this tattoo speaks to that. It illustrates how I express my love for my art and for my job by using my camera, it embodies the purpose for using the tools that I do - to celebrate love and it is a reminder to me for why I do what I do. (fyi - that's on my forearm, where I can see it every day.)

This little guy doesn't have nearly as deep a meaning. It's just cute and fun and I can't imagine one single person not enjoying the silliness of it. That one is just because it makes me happy.

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