Jul 30, 2011

newborn workshop | whitehorse newborn photographer

During the past week, I was fortunate enough to have the privilege of working with two newborn photographers whose work I have admired since I began my business early last year. These two wonderful women, Tracy Raver & Kelley Ryden are sisters who specialize in only newborns and they were generous enough to share what they know with those in attendance at the annual NAPCP retreat which was held in Vail Colorado. After lots of information, tips & techniques, we got down to business and practiced camera technique and posing awesomeness. This first shot is super tricky and not something that I'll be able to accomplish without an assistant but it was too sweet to not share it with you. Please note that I am NOT able to create poses like this without an assistant.

These images, however will be the sort of posing that I will be working to create for you in your newborn sessions. Please note that these images can only be achieved before the age of about ten days.

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