Jul 31, 2011

shooting clinic | whitehorse children's photographer

As you know, I am not a family photographer but I am definitely a children's photographer. At the NAPCP retreat in Vail Colorado, we were split into groups of 5 or 6 photographers and were accompanied by team leaders who not only pushed us creatively but in my case, got me shooting in a way I don't normally - even managed to play with my wide-angle lens which usually gathers dust in my camera bag. Please note that I am not photographing families here in Whitehorse, but these images were extremely fun to make and I really enjoyed the adventure of working in such a creative way shooting subjects I wouldn't otherwise shoot in my work at home.

This mother and daughter duo made my heart swell just a little. Not only are they total knockouts but they were absolutely lovely!

I mean seriously, this girl will have the fellas falling over themselves to do her bidding! Maddy, you are a doll!

Drew and his mama share something pretty special too. ♥

What a beautiful family. I could've photographed these guys till the sun set!

I bet these guys get along this well when nobody's looking! So much fun :)

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  1. This family was so gorgeous! You did a great job of showing their connection and ease with one another and themselves. Simply beautiful!