Jul 24, 2011

arrived in vail colorado | whitehorse children's photographer

This is a quick post for my kids. See, they wanted me to bring their stuffies with me on this trip and show them where I am during this trip. So Seth & Noah, this is my fancy-schmancy room. Yep, I'll have to share this room hopefully with someone who doesn't snore! LOL

Here are the beloved stuffies on my bed. That's Buddy on the left. He's Sethy's rabbit from babyhood. Buddy has definitely seen better days. He's lost an ear more than once and I learned from experience that if you must perform surgery on stuffies, dental floss is the secret. That stuff's unbreakable. Try it, tell me I'm wrong!

On the right is Wronky. He's Noah's Stupid Sock Creature that I made for him. He's got a companion at home who is a work in progress. One day he'll get done but in the meantime, Wronky is a solo ugly-doll.

And lastly, here's me. A little worse for wear. Tired, ready for bed and so eager to start a day full of photographic awesomeness. So stoked.

good night family (and readers) <3


  1. Awesome photography and wonderful room.

  2. That Bed room was so nice one.... great photography........