Dec 8, 2011

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On the first weekend of December, I had planned a giant party at my studio... to launch my new location. Days before the big event, Noah was helping me get invitations ready for mailing and upon noticing the date he says, "Mom, I wasn't going to say anything but you know that Aaron Pritchett is performing a benefit concert at Porter Creek the same night as your Grand Opening..." Now, Noah know's that I've kinda been a fan for a looooong time so not only was I disappointed that folks would OBVIOUSLY be at the concert rather than my party but that also meant that I would miss the concert too! Talk about bigtime bummer.

So I phoned the school to see if I could deliver a few gift certificates for portrait sessions to be auctioned off at the benefit concert and when I spoke to the principal, he asked me if I could attend the concert with my camera equipment to photograph the goings on. Ouch. This just keeps getting worse and worse! I told him about my dilemma and he kindly invited me to join a few friends at his house after the concert for a party with Aaron. I thought that was a great consolation prize and set about preparing for my party with a little less disappointment.

Once I got to the party, I met Aaron and spoke with him and his fabulous girlfriend, Jessie about doing photos with their son, Mason while they were in town. Now, bear in mind that mystudio looked like it had been hit with a cupcake bomb so the studio was out of the question for shooting. Turned out their schedule the next day was booked pretty solid with a dogsledding tour but I made a suggestion - that I bring my gear with me to document their experience... and yeah, the accepted. Cause they're cool like that.

The following images barely scratch the surface of hilarity that made that dogsled tour so memorable... I won't even tell you how many frames I shot that day. Ever ridden on the back of a snow machine down 2 hours of bumpy trail (almost bailed once!) with a large camera up to your face? How I avoided a black eye, I'll never know.

Aaron, Jessie, Mason, Christine & Roger, thanks so much for including me in a super fun and incredibly memorable day.

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