Sep 11, 2010

introducing gage | whitehorse children's photographer

Y'know, there's just something extra extra special about being invited into a home of a family adjusting to the arrival of a new little one. The magic of parents getting to know their precious babe fills the air and I always leave the session with my heart feeling a whole lot fuller.

This incredible, charming (and very funny) family has just welcomed the much-anticipated arrival of their first baby, a boy who they called Gage. He has a head full of hair, sparkly eyes and of course those nummy little baby toes :)

He got to take a bunch of new props for a spin but his cuteness TOTALLY outshines any prop on earth. He has that soft, sweet smelling skin - and fuzzy shoulders too, which I loooooooooove and is just snuggly and warm. Mmmm... I sure love babies.

This is probably my favorite photo from the entire session. You know why? it's the moment between the moments. It's so natural, honest and beautiful. What a gift this little man is. ♥

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