Sep 10, 2010

zephyr & mannix | whitehorse children's photographer

Could my job possibly get any better? I think not. I met the AWESOMEST (yes, in my world, that's a word!) kids. Ever. Best names. Ever. Coolest mama. Ever.

It has been raining cats & dogs here STEADY for the last few weeks. The weather broke last Saturday just in time for Mini Sessions but it picked right back up again in time for these guys' original session. We only rescheduled once and today (thank the weather gods) it was warm, no breeze and nary a drop of rain as long as we were shooting.

Mister Zephyr is one BUSY dude but in all his busy-ness, his clever mama talked him into some very mellow and darling activities like balancing along this log out in the field at our farm.

Of course, I have yet to meet a little boy who can resist the urge to chuck rocks into our creek...which honestly, I count on during outdoor sessions at The Farm...and these guys did NOT disappoint! Cuteness for all!

Wee Mannix was a vision of cuteness... I only wish I could have shared a recording of his STELLAR jibber-jabber (complete with copious drool bubbles! YEAH!) These two were so fun, I was sad when our session ended. I could've hung out with them all day. Did I mention already how I love my job?? Thanks for a super fun afternoon guys! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. So sweet! I just love the one of the older boy balancing on the log!