Sep 12, 2010

baby v & big sister a | whitehorse children's photographer

I've been photographing so many boys lately that these two darling girls were SUCH a breath of fresh air. They welcomed me into their home this afternoon which, much to my delight was DRENCHED in light. Yeah!

We visited the park where the trees were proudly displaying their leaves in gorgeous shades of yellow and orange which set the stage for some stellar images of Miss V (who was killin' me with those denim blue peepers) and her fantastically pensive & charming big sister, V - who, incidentally is the same age as my Sethy so the conversation was nothing short of easy.

A and I discussed the finer points of life such as whether her teacher was fun and who was being invited to her Pirates & Princesses birthday party next week. Yep. That's the stuff that makes an almost-six-year-old's world go 'round. I couldn't stop taking A's photo. She has the most delicious brown eyes and honestly, they're like glossy morsels of chocolate magic. Perfect.

Of course, with mommy & daddy there, who could resist this setup? Certainly not me!

I ♥ happy families. They're run by happy grownups which can't help but make happy kidlets & babes. A day full of happiness is my kinda day and a happy family is my kinda family. Thanks guys!!

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