Aug 26, 2013

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Get a Notebook

There's nothing worse than knowing you wrote that important phone number/ email/ whatever down somewhere but you just can't find it. That frustrating feeling of recalling writing but having NO idea where that miscellaneous piece of paper went. I hate that feeling. I have three places that I keep all my notes. I have a Moleskine journal (I have tons of these on hand for when one gets filled up, I can just grab a fresh one) that lives permanently in my handbag. I also use Evernote. I often say that if I could have a love affair with a piece of software, it'd be with Evernote. Moleskine actually makes a notebook that is compatible with Evernote in very high-tech, fancy ways that I have yet to explore. I hear it's quite fabulous. My favorite thing about Evernote is that it syncs across all my devices. I have it on my phone and it has been wonderful for keeping me organized. 

I also use a steno notebook at my studio. This notebook houses ALL kinds of awesomeness. It's used strictly for work related notes. The Moleskine in my bag is for a wide range of note taking but gets a ton of action just the same.

Ultimately, as much as I love using digital tools for note taking, something about the act of writing on real sheets of paper makes the info & ideas stick in a more retrievable part of my brain. Judging by the massive stack of pretty journals I keep at my bedside table, I'd say that my truest love is beautiful notebooks. Honestly, I dont' know if I'll ever journal in such a quantity as to warrant so many books but that doesn't stop me from buying them. Notebooks, journals, planners, I love them all.

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