Aug 12, 2013

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Time Management Ninja +Craig Jarrow

Is your anchor holding you down ?
Oh the things that get in the way of task completion or goal achievement. Most of the time, the delays are legitimate, external and often out of our control - weather, clients, vehicles, cashflow, etc. but the rest of the time, the delays are our own doing - procrastination, avoidance, making excuses, etc. I know I've been guilty of all of those things at one time or another. When I use those methods of self-sabotage, I never feel great. I feel pretty rotten, actually. Like a bit of a loser, if I'm being totally honest. When I employ the discipline necessary to focus, channel my best mojo and crank out work I'm proud of in a timeline I am also happy with, then all is right with the world.

I can usually work around the things that are beyond my control but I allow myself to be at the mercy of my fictional limitations and create behaviors to support those limitations. The complaint of "not enough time" is often reinforced by screwing around and wasting time rather than knuckling down and getting shizz done. The illusion of "I don't know how" is effortless perpetuated by NOT gathering the info that supports knowing how or figuring it out. I am really good at making excuses. I can always talk a good game. I'm a master bullsh***er. Honestly. I do it to myself ALL the time. This might be a great time to stop doing that. Or at least do less of it. Get real, quit screwing around, do my best work all the time and be free of limiting beliefs because they are, after all, total fiction.

Facebook & email are my biggest procrastination tools. Starting August 1, 2013 I will be on a FB/email diet. I will be researching software and other tools to facilitate this self-imposed intervention. I'm equally excited and dreading the diet. I will share my thoughts on the experience. Stay tuned.

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