Jul 15, 2013

Kickstart The Year - Start having the year you want right now!

As part of an ongoing process of increasing my efficiency in home & work related tasks as well as overall personal development, I will be sharing entries that relate to a huge variety of workbooks I purchased at the end of last year called Kickstart The Year. My hope is that these posts will help me overhaul my sense of satisfaction in more areas of my life.
Time Management Ninja - +Craig Jarrow
This has been a slow but brutally effective series of improvements that I've been applying to my work & life. This chapter is bound to be more of the same. Bring it on!!
Chapter 15- Find a place for your stuff    
I am a HUGE fan of systems and putting things in the same place after each use. But it wasn't always this way. This love of repetition & order was borne of necessity. I hate not being able to find my things. I hate the panic of tearing the house apart in search of something that was JUST RIGHT HERE! In my adulthood, I've cultivated a series of steps to help eliminate forgetfulness and irritating time wasters like lost keys & sunglasses. This is an area where I excel. My husband, however has a lot of work to do in this department. Do I make the system for him and hope to hell he uses it or do we create a system together (and I still hope to hell he uses it?!). For now, this challenge applies to me. I will identify three commonly misplaced things and assign new homes to them. My intention is to eliminate future searches for these things due to their not having a proper, permanent home.

Item 1 :: My point & shoot camera
New Home :: This item will be stored on the bottom shelf of my bedside table. This is the place I store my spare journals & knitting tools. Nobody messes with that stuff. My camera should be rather safe here.

Item 2 :: my ipod/laptop headphones
New Home :: These items will be stored in my jewelry box. I don't use the box often but it is on my bedside table (see reasons above) I will always be able to find my headphones if they are returned to this location after every use.

Item 3 :: my lapdesk
New Home :: I use my lapdesk for most of my longer writing excursions. I will keep it under my side of the bed so that it is always available to me whenever I am sitting down to write. This has been the unofficial home for the lapdesk for the duration of the summer. Now it's official.

While I currently try to maximize this principle with other items, I'm certain that applying it to these few items will help me when sitting down to use these things. I will continue to apply it to other items as well. It works so well the rest of the time, why stop now?!

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