Jul 17, 2013

Enchanting The Lens

Nikon D800 70mm ISO 100 F10 1/160sec

It is always such an honor to work with families who are expecting the arrival of a baby. So much expectation and hope is wrapped up in pregnancy and I do love spending a few hours getting to know the parents and siblings - to freeze this magical time forever. Creating images that convey the connection between parents & their unborn babe is so special and I end each session with a full, happy heart.

First time parents are especially fun to work with. They're excited, eager and mildly terrified. They are close to the date that they get to meet their beautiful offspring and when the stars align just "so", I get to meet that wee one and photograph them shortly after a shoot just like this. Maternity shoots are overflowing with love and that is second only to the intense affection that is evident in a newborn session.

I had a maternity shoot when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I wasn't able to find a photographer that I wanted to work with while pregnant with our youngest but those memories & images remind me of a pretty huge time in my life. A special change in priorities and a wonderful shift in how I lived my life. Beautiful reminders.

Nikon D800 60mm ISO100 F10 1/160sec

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  1. I love seeing the images from your maternity shoots! I love this couple; I am so happy that you got to do a session with them. I know they loved the experience :) (could I have possibly used the word love any more??) Being away for her entire pregnancy makes me especially happy to see these amazing images <3