Feb 25, 2013

KTY| Day 12

Moving on to more exciting work from the Kickstart theYear program, I'm digging deep into my passion for writing and sharing it all freely for you to read. I'm trying to bring more consistency and regularity to my blog posts and am optimistic that I'll be able to maintain it.

You are a Writer - +Jeff Goins 

Exercise two - Write what you want

If I could write anything I want, what would it be?
My dream is to write a book that shares my insane experiences from 15 months of tragedy, mayhem, crime & loss and using those stories to inspire other creatives to not let life get in the way of their creativity & ability to generate a body of work that is meaningful and powerful.

What are some topics you're not writing about?
This is a list of dream/goal topics
-how to be a leader in your industry/market
-finding your creative voice
-marketing plans/ideas for photographers that don't break the bank
-pricing your photography business for profit
-discovering your niche (for self employed folks)
-do something creative every day (filling your creative well)
-being present in everything you do (work, family, friends, etc)
-love where you are and celebrate that rather than bemoaning your circumstances.
-getting started in business

Pick one topic on your list and write a couple hundred words on it. Save it and return to it later - work on it more until you are proud of it.
Obviously, I can't share this just yet but in a short while, I'll have this piece refined and will share it when I'm ready.

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