Dec 20, 2012

KTY | Day 6

There's a weird, yet awesome shift going on in my personal life. I can't say much about it all right now, partly because I'm not super clear on how it's all going to go but in time, I'll share how the changes are taking place and what it means for me in a number of areas of my life. Having said that, I am experiencing some wacky scheduling. Late nights, early mornings, unexpected sleep-ins, a quiet house, a busy house... Weird, like I said but yet, awesome. More on this later.

Moving onward with the Kickstart the Year programming, I have to say that while I find the writing of my intentions with each workbook is extremely cathartic, I am loving sharing it all here with you. I know there are many, many readers but y'all are blog-stalkers. We all like a little validation and I would really like your feedback on some of the points made in each day's writing. It doesn't have to be long (although I love it when it is!) but let me know you were here. Feel free to share these posts on Facebook and it makes me feel pretty fantastic when you click the google+ icon too :)

Alrighty then,
31 Days 31 Ways - +Craig Jarrow
Planning vs. preparation
Today, one of the things I've prepared for is a very important personal project that involves a ton of research and a few phonecalls. I can't disclose what it is just yet but I promise I will very soon if it goes ahead. While the preparation is still ongoing (it's a big project) I feel better equipped for the phonecalls that will ensue and to make an informed decision with my husband on the matter.

The stress I have avoided by being prepared is probably huge but thankfully, I'll never know because I avoided it. That's a productivity WIN!

Reclaim your Dreams +Jonathan Mead
Continuing on yesterday's chapter - dreams & values
Some words that my top values bring to mind for me are :

My wildest dream is probably doing a TED talk. Some of the mental images that are associated with that are my wish to travel being fulfilled, my desire to write a book (and have a responsive audience for it) is fulfilled, I am working less like a portrait factory and more like a boutique business that has healthy boundaries when it comes to allowing space in my life for my dreams and most importantly for my family. There's always enough of me to go around.

If I could have a magic want and be in my ideal work/life situation in six months, it would look like this:
I would have a beautiful custom portrait studio built on our farm property. Our new, permanent home is finished and my faithful, loyal clients are delighted to work with me in this new space which allows me to be home more for my kids & husband and to take a more active role in our family farm business. I generate significant revenue because my expenses are lower and I am now better able to provide a more luxurious service to my clients. I am able to devote more time to writing my blog, newsletter and book. I am also able to develop the teaching programs that I want to implement.

The central themes to my values & dreams are to spend more meaningful time with my family and to work less. Also, educating others and sharing my knowledge and wisdom is another core matter.

Some of my biggest teachers are people like Ivy Slater - my business/life coach who is also a trusted friend with a few more years of parenthood and a total willingness to share her wisdom, Danielle LaPorte as a professional speaker & motivator, my dear friend Karen McKinnon whose brutal honesty always comes from a place of pure love and is absolutely never, ever sugarcoated and truthfully, my kids - Noah & Seth. They have such pure, sweet, open hearts and always only see the best in me which is a delicious reminder to do that in my relationships. They are the most amazing thing I've had the privilege of sculpting & guiding in this life.

To describe my best version of myself requires putting a muzzle on my inner critic (who invited her along, anyway?!). Once that's taken care of, I can say that the best version of myself knows when to say no, doesn't put herself last, says "I love you" to everyone she loves, will bust a move in the aisles of the grocery store even if a client may see her, takes the time to build forts and have picnics with her kids, explains "why" to her kids when asked in a way to actually educate them rather than to make them stop asking questions. My best self knows that rest is not only ok but vitally important, making time to run or do yoga isn't selfish, it's key to modeling a healthy lifestyle to her family. She also is a woman who doesn't waste time worrying about what people think and does whatever makes her happy every day.

The underlying patterns or themes in all of the previous answers clearly involve holding my children much, much closer, spending time making memories and sharing meaningful experiences and also taking better care of myself in the form of rest, exercise and boundaries as well as honoring my preferences.

I can't say that these changes can be implemented overnight but being aware of their importance will certainly open the door to authentic shifts that will allow these changes to take place organically. Which, in my opinion will give them more "stuff" to stick, to last, to really happen in a sustainable way. I miss my kids, I miss my life. I have chosen to spend the last two years hiding in my work. It's time to come home, to wake up and be an active member of my beautiful family.

I want to see you make these kinds of commitments and discoveries about your own life and work. Please go buy the Kickstart the Year program and share your blog address in the comments section below. I want to encourage you to get down & dirty with your plans for a magical 2013 and to open your heart to creating a fulfilling life that you love every goddamned minute of!!

It's time for a change and you know it! GO!

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