Dec 19, 2012

KTY | Day 5

I am feeling very motivated and clear about where my year is going in 2013. I hope that you are considering buying the Kickstart The Year program so that you can experience this kind of planning-ahead badassery! There is a lot to read but it is worth the time. YOU are worth the time. This is very much one of those things where the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. And that, my dear friends & readers is the sweet spot, right there.


31 Days 31 Ways - Craig Jarrow
The difference between saying and doing.
One of the things I've always wanted to do but haven't made it a priority yet is to write a book. I always knew I had a book in me somewhere but wasn't sure what it would be about. I now know after my crazy-ass roller coaster year that I have learned many lessons that can be shared. I also know that my experiences aren't quite as unique as I sometimes feel which means that others will be able to relate to what I've endured in both my recent past and in years previous.

I had never started the book that I'd always wanted to write because I wasn't sure of what it would be about nor was I even sure that I would have an audience. Also, I have hesitated starting in case I discover that I don't like writing a book. Then there's that small matter of being judged. Some might say I have no business writing a book, that I'm no expert on whichever topics or themes I cover. They might ask me who I think I am talking about whatever fills its pages. So- the short answer, fear. I'm afraid of failure, rejection and judgement. But I guess those outcomes are at this point, imaginary. Which means that they're not enough to stop me.

The action that I've taken today to get started on this goal include this post. Additionally, I enjoyed a fabulously inspiring call with my business & life coach, Ivy Slater of Slater Success Coaching. Ivy's role in my life and business has been instrumental in not quitting throughout the toughest parts of my year and she has kept me pushing ahead and even gotten me excited about what is yet to come when I least thought it possible.

Reclaim Your Dreams - Jonathan Mead
Define Your Dream

What do I feel called to do? I feel called to use my artistic ability to serve others with my knowledge of photography and to create beautiful images that they can treasure for a lifetime. I also feel called to empower my clients and those interested in art, photography and other creative forms of self expression by sharing my process, my insights and my experiences. I am called to spread love through my art.

I wrote about this in a previous post - What do I want to be remembered for. It definitely has nothing to do with how many tasks I can accomplish in a day nor does it have anything to do with how much income I generated. The things I want to be remembered for are the traditions I shared with my family, the meals I made, the games I played, the memories and jokes. Parties & camping trips, warm hugs, soft kisses and full hearts. If you were to ask me if the majority of things I spend my time doing now meet those goals, I'd say no. Clearly that has to change. Like, pronto. In my work, however, I want to be remembered as being someone who built honest, meaningful relationships with my clients. I want to be remembered as someone who was comfortable talking with kids and as a friend to all little ones. I want to be remembered for my ability to put new parents at ease as I handled their precious new baby and as someone who had the magic power to make time stop so that their little ones could stay little forever.

The gifts that I have that I want to give to the world are almost exclusively centered around my art. I can help bring healing where there is pain, joy where there is sadness and I can keep children little forever in an image. I can help tell a story through photography and I can give a voice to those who aren't being heard. Aside from photography, I can use what I do at work to make hearts feel fuller, lighter.

If I could have any career regardless of my current job or skill set, I would probably choose marketing consultant/coach. I love helping great products & services be made visible and to communicate their brands through effective marketing. I love dreaming up new marketing plans for those who find such tasks hard or boring and then seeing a well designed plan generate revenue for the business. I've always said that if I had to choose one job to do forever, that would be it. Every client would need somethign different and every industry would involve such different things. Sounds challenging, exciting and fun!

My list of dreams at this exact moment in time includes things like:
-doing a TED talk about my life & expereinces
-write a book about my life and experiences
-teaching a live course online
-learning to make letterpress stationery
-dancing ballroom (especially salsa)
-play an instrument (guitar maybe but piano would suffice)
-travel to beautiful countries and run 10Km runs while there
-ride in a hot air balloon
-spend a 2-3 week vacation(honeymoon) on the beaches of Bora Bora or Jamaica
-get horses
-build a portrait studio for me at the farm

My values are (not in order)


This body of work has left me at a crucial point where I must pause. I am working on writing my personal manifesto but that is going to be shared later, after I've had some time to really let it marinate. I need to sit with the ideas before I can write them and they will be composed in a neat & tidy download for you later. Until then, please go buy the Kickstart the Year program and begin this incredible self-fulfilling work.  This is the best $88 investment you can make in yourself. Please don't miss out.

Remember, if you leave me your blog address in the comments section below, I will leave you some blog-lovin'. Now, go buy the program so you can get started!!

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