Nov 29, 2012

so I have this delusion about blogging daily

Maybe it's just because I'm so excited about a few amazing things I'm working on at the moment that have NOTHING to do with photography, directly but I have this fantasy that I A) have a life that is consistent enough for me to even conceive of blogging daily like my friend Kal Barteski but also B) that I have something to talk about that anybody wants to read on a daily basis - but I'm definitely working on that... it might not end up daily (okay, let's face it, there's no way it'll be daily but super regular seems more my speed) and it might not be on this exact blog address... maybe a fresh start is what I need to really jumpstart this new plan?

Graphic Designer friends, this is your cue to email/FB message me with your super inspired ideas to work together to make magic!!

I'm sitting in my bed right this minute, pajama-clad because at last glance, it was -38 or some other insanely cold temperature at my house. A great sign to get back under the covers, crank the heated blanket and research inspiring stuff online. My list of awesome for 2013 is starting to really excite me and I really cannot wait to let you all in on the secret once everything's in place.

I am not one for resolutions but goals for sure. This time of year, I reflect back on my experiences, accomplishments & failures as they have all taught me something. What has this year taught you and what are you hoping to achieve in 2013?


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