Nov 30, 2012

Just another Friday...not!



So I'm sitting in the waiting area for the Whitehorse general hospital emergency room. My youngest son, Seth fell off the big toy at school. I got the call from my friend Brenda who is one of the teachers at his school. She said that they had him strapped to a backboard in case of spinal injury but as a precaution. She said that she figured everything was fine but they don't want to take any chances. Since my studio is closer to the hospital than the school, we decided to meet the ambulance rather than try to get to the school to meet the ambulance there.

I'm terrible at waiting... especially when one of my kids needs me. But I know that the paramedics will take good care of him. I asked that someone Seth knew from school ride with him to the hospital so that he'd feel more at ease... got a follow up call from the school that the principal is with him.

Am I freaking out? No. Am I worried about my little guy? Yes but oddly, I'm not worried about his physical circumstances as much as I'm thinking about his emotional & psychological state. He's incredibly sensitive and I'm relieved that the school did the right thing by sending someone along just for him in that capacity.

This is the hospital he was born in. But I know this boy. He's a daredevil and not great at risk assessment.  I'm sure someone goaded him into a reckless stunt or it was a classic case of male oneupmanship on the monkey bars. 

The ambulance should be here soon. Update to follow.

Ambulance delivered my boy in one piece. He is in good spirits but tired. All of his vitals are good and now we're waiting for the doctor. Not very fun.



Dr came,  squished & squeezed my boy from top to bottom. Eliminated a ton of injuries, ordered an X-ray for lower spinal injury.  X-ray is now done and were waiting for the results. Bo-ring!



Now were home.  Got the all-clear from the Dr.  The xrays didn't show any fractures or breaks. Yay. We are all tuckered out and chillin' at home.

Today's messages from the universe ::
  • Seth is a strong, brave kid
  • Healthcare professionals are essential to our survival in the developed world
  • Staying calm amidst disaster serves others and me.
  • Gratitude has huge value. Especially when the gratitude goes down before rather than after.
  •  Bad shit happens to everyone. My little dude is ok which means that we are super blessed. It was a good day. 

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