Nov 9, 2011

brooke | whitehorse children's photographer

This is Brooke. I photographed her a long, long time ago at her house in the snow. This time she joined me at the studio and we had a grand ol' time rocking the flower fabrics and tutus.

Brooke has lived through some pretty amazing stuff. She deals with a condition called lymphadenitis which left her with some small scars on her neck where the doctors had to remove nasty cysts. But truth be told, to spend even five minutes with this kiddo, you'd never know she's fought the battle that she has. She has a few more surgeries to go but she is full of energy, laughs and joy.

If you know of a family whose child is living with a life-altering illness or disability, please put them in touch with Helping Hearts where they can apply for their own complimentary portrait session. This service is available across the country.


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  1. So so beautiful you are such a strong strong little girl!