Sep 15, 2011

macey | whitehorse children's photographer

Meet Macey. She is one heck of a remarkable girl. She came out to my farm earlier this month for her session and boy, did we ever have a good time! While Macey is not verbal, she sure can sign with vigor and does a great job of communicating in some very inventive ways. She's a seriously girly-girl but on the other hand, she really likes all the best parts of the farm...particularly the straw bales (and we had a super fun ride on the tractor which was SO fun!!) We had a blast exploring the fields and I know she had as much fun as I did! Here's a bit of Macey's story in her mom's own words...

Macey was born prematurely, at 26 6/7 weeks gestation weighing on 380 grams (approx. 3/4 of a pound). To date, Macey still holds the record for the smallest surviving baby born at BC Children's Hospital. Macey spent the first 10 months of her life in hospital due to the complications of her prematurity and extremely small birth weight. At age 6 months Macey had a tracheostomy (breathing tube placed in her neck) and the trach remained in place until July 2007. Macey's continues to have a compromised airway and will require a second reconstructive airway surgery in the future (her airway is approximately 65% blocked).

Macey is followed closely by our family doctor as her compromised airway poses severe and ongoing risks. We also visit BC Children's Hospital for follow-up and planning 1-2 times a year and for emergency trips as required.

Macey's current diagnoses are:
-restricted airway (subglottic stenosis with 65% blockage)
-open neck stoma (remains open due to risk of needing to be re-trached)
-feeding aversion (g-tube dependent)
-cerebral palsy
-non verbal (uses signs and basic sounds)
-developmental delays

But of course, Macey is much more than her disabilities. She is a funny and sweet young girl who loves being a princess and has a passion for books. Macey has a fabulous sense of humor and is the joy of my life! If you would like to learn more about Macey's story (or at least the first few years) you can visit her webpage at:

If you know of a family whose child is living with a life-altering illness or disability, please put them in touch with Helping Hearts where they can apply for their own complimentary portrait session. This service is available across the country.


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  1. TOO CUTE! Miss Macey you are adorable! great pictures Vanessa!