Aug 15, 2011

miriam | vanier catholic school grad | whitehors grad girls photographer

I don't think that this Grad Girls project could have been any more fun than it was. The girls who participated in the event were so keen, fun and easy to photograph! Is it bad to admit that when Miriam emailed me her photo I got kinda giddy about her KILLER red curls?? No? Okay good.

This is the incomparable Miriam. She has some deliciously lofty goals (remember this face, it'll be the face of our Prime Minister one day!) to take the world of politics by storm and turn it on it's head. She is a girl of conviction and is whip smart! She just returned from a whirlwind month-long backpacking adventure around Europe BY HERSELF! Clearly confident and unquestionably beautiful. Look out, UVic, you have no idea what's about to hit! LOL

Hair provided by Main Designs
Makeup provided by Teri Kington


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