Aug 19, 2011

kaitlyn | porter creek secondary school grad | whitehorse grad girls photographer

This is Kaitlyn. She actually graduated in 2008 but I have her to thank for planting the seed of this project in the first place. She is currently attending University in Calgary (studying Environmental Sciences - proving you can be nerdy AND beautiful!) She joined us on our very long, creative day of shooting and brought with her no shortage of ideas (and outfits!)

I have known Kaitlyn and her family since moving to Whitehorse...before that, in fact. I met her parents (who went to school with my husband) when I was pregnant with my youngest son and Kaitlyn's little brother, Christian was the first friend my oldest son Noah made on his first day of Kindergarten waaaay back in 2003.

She has clearly become a stunning young woman who is creating an amazing future for herself. She is putting herself through Uni with scholarships and busting her butt working (she has committed to avoiding student loans to achieve her education) so I think it's safe to say she's going to be successful at whatever she does.

Oh, and that photo at the bottom... well, she actually uses that gun. She's an avid hunter and goes out into the bush with her dad, Mike often. She might be a country girl (firearms and all) but what a knockout. She cleans up pretty good, no? lol


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