Jul 9, 2011

introducing leona | whitehorse newborn photographer

This is Leona, the baby girl who everyone thought for SURE would be a boy but SURPRISE!!! She is the sweetest, most darling little thing and she could not have been any more perfect. We had a fun yet relaxed session and she gave us the goods in an extra large way during the whole thing.

I was so excited for this session because although I've been photographing newborns a lot lately, they've all been boys. This was a delicious change of pace and I finally got to break out a few of my newest hats & wraps that were waiting for this little darling to use!

I know she will be absolutely adored by her amazing family. Clearly, you can see that mama and daddy are a loving, fun, and genuinely fantastic pair so of course this babe is just like the rest of the family! She has two big brothers who you can see at mama's maternity session HERE and they were 100% sure they were getting a sister. They were the only ones who thought that. Everyone else was convinced it would be another baby boy.

I think more than anything, everyone is surprised by the industrial sized injection of PINK that has entered their lives. But at the end of the day, no matter the adjustment or the sleeplessness, Miss Leona is loved and we're all super glad that she arrived safe and sound. ♥

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  1. She's so so super beautiful Allison :0)

  2. Well done Jason and Alison! She is absolutely beautiful and oh so sweet! Great photos Vanessa!
    Sue :)

  3. hey Vanessa where did you get that blue bowl. love it!