May 24, 2011

baby #3 | whitehorse maternity photographer

Do you ever have one of those "first meetings" with a family or individual that leaves you feeling like your life just got a little cooler just for having met them? Well, that's exactly how I felt after being welcomed into the home of Jason & Alison. These guys attended the 2010 Grand Ball - the biggest party of the year- where I had a Christmas tree being auctioned off. They were the lucky recipients of the tree which included my Keep On Rockin' Me Baby package (a 4 session package that's designed for clients welcoming a wee one into their lives). This session was their first of the four sessions.

Mama Alison (is one hot mama, I know!) was totally up for all my crazy ideas and had plenty of her own. We laughed a lot, stopped for pee-breaks and of course there was some snacking thrown in for good measure! I had so much fun, I think I could've stayed there all day and just hung out. Good times.

She had this giant Gerbera daisy that she wanted to use as a prop and I was ALL OVER THAT!! I love collaborating with creative people. Makes this job even awesomer (yes, that is a word) than I could have ever imagined.

So aside from these two being super chill and open to trying anything, they are also insanely funny. I'm not sure how I kept my composure through this one. Hilarious!

And these are the two big brothers, Cody and Seth is at the bottom. They're SURE they're getting a sister... we'll keep ya posted on how that turns out!

Cody was givin' me all his cool moves... there was some break dancing kinda stuff, a bit of muscle flexing and definitely crazy wild-boy madness.
Seth, good lord, those brown eyes. Can you say "be still my heart!?" Wow. These kids are so gorgeous. Definitely can't wait to meet their new sibling just as soon as he/she arrives.

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  1. LOVE daddy's expression!!! That is going to be one lucky baby :)

  2. Micki Deuling KenyonMay 24, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    Absolutely breath-taking, precious family photos. What a special treasure of memories you have captured for them. Beautiful family.

  3. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! LOVE this family so much!! Beautiful pictures!!

  4. LOVE the pics! Happy funny Dad is fantastic!

  5. Congratulations Alison and Jason. Can't wait to see the baby pics.

  6. Great pictures! Congrats on your 3rd one... you look great Alison :o) Dawn

  7. The love within this family is obvious and beautiful!!! Hope all goes well with the arrival of #3!!!!