Apr 14, 2011

isla rose | whitehorse children's photographer

While en route home to Whitehorse from my birthday ladycation to Vancouver Island, I made a big fat mistake. I dropped my ID on one of the two planes I was taking to get home. So that meant that there was no way on earth I would be allowed to board the last flight home. I was gobsmacked. Dumbstruck. Flabbergasted. And furious with myself. I had to lug all my big heavy bags (including my camera gear & carry on) down to the airport's police station and file a report of my lost ID. The girls at the check-in desk assured me that once the police could verify my identity that their file number would be adequate to allow me to board the plane. Except for one thing. The plane was leaving in a half hour. Dammit.

I had a magnificent tantrum in the parking lot. I shouted, I stomped my feet, I swore and yes, there were lots of tears and snot. It was NOT my finest hour. I filed my report, missed that flight, got on standby for the next day and got to work pulling myself together. I called my dear friends, Dave & Hanna and asked them if they minded having a short-notice overnight guest. They assured me that they were happy to help out and that they'd be at the airport right away to pick me up.

As it turned out, I managed to get a confirmed booking on the flight the following morning AND I got to spend the evening with good friends (who I don't see nearly enough). We went for Indian dinner at a great restaurant on Robson, Taste of India, and I got to hang with my pals and their sweet, sweet little girl, Isla. I was very tempted to snatch that darling girl and bring her home with me but considering how much Dave & Hanna love that little peanut, I thought better of it.

Talk about being handed lemons and turning it into lemonade. Nice way to fix a big, ugly "oops".

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