Apr 5, 2011

charli & levi | whitehorse children's photographer

Right after I got home from my birthday ladycation, I had a session booked with a family who I had been hoping I'd get to photograph for some time... actually, it's a funny story. When mama Kirsten was pregnant with the lovely Levi, I spotted her teeny but very pregnant frame in Starbucks. I wanted to approach her but felt shy...but I swallowed my fear and did it. I thrust a card toward her with a nervous introduction as she and her hubs were walking out the door. But much to my surprise, she was totally in tears and I don't think I could've picked a more awkward time to meet her!! Ahh, the joys of pregnancy hormones!! We laugh about it now but I sure felt dumb when it happened!! LOL!

Her kids are so fantastic! They are very distinctly different personalities but they are so sweet together. Miss Charli has the wildest imagination ever! Over the duration of our session she was a fairy, a dinosaur, a puppy and a butterfly. Phew! Love that energy!!

Mister Levi was getting his sea legs (just started walking more than a couple of steps that day!) and boy was he ever motivated and hard to contain. We had lots of laughs and my heart pitter-pattered just a little when he did that sweet baby jibber-jabber that they all do at this age. I miss that stage. It's all over so darn fast.


  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful babies!!

  2. Oh my word!!! These are amazing! Of course it doesn't hurt that they are adorable! :) I can't wait to see them all! Especially those boots! :)

  3. 1 love them!! oh, and the pictures....so cute. Walking!! I did not know.

  4. Mini Kir and Andy! So cute!