Mar 30, 2011

rowen, abi & oliver | whitehorse children's photographer

Meet Rowen, Abi & Oliver. They are the kids of a very good friend of mine from my hometown of Courtenay BC. Actually, they live in a teeny town outside of Courtenay called Royston. I met their mama, Simone in grade five and we've been pals ever since (can you believe that's like, 25 years, Simone?!?!). She was the lucky winner of one of my session giveaways on my Facebook Fan Page before Christmas and so when I started planning my birthday ladycation to Vancouver Island, fitting in her session was certain to be a highlight!

At her request, we met up in Cumberland which is a quirky, sleepy little town in the mountains where all the buildings are colorfully painted and have more character than one short photo session could every capture.

There is something really special about growing up with someone and then seeing their children grow. I felt so blessed to be able to share my love of photography with such a dear friend and to create these images of her beautiful children. I know she's going to flip when she sees these photos since we had a broody teen, a disinterested middle sister and a very contrary 2 year old on our hands... which makes every mom worry about whether I'm "getting anything". Of course I did!!

Hope you love these, Simone. Thanks for sharing the morning (and those yummy Cumberland Bakery - formerly Auchterlonies donuts) with me. Love ya and I miss ya already. ♥

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