Jan 20, 2011

hunter | whitehorse newborn photographer

I am so in love with my job. I think that when I am invited into my clients' homes and into their lives, I am being given such a gift. I was lucky enough to photograph this fine young man's mama only weeks ago and our session was so much fun, it was hard to pack up my stuff and go home... I could've spent the rest of the day sipping coffee and laughing until it was dark! So of course, when mama Lara told me that she wanted newborn photos too, I was pretty dang excited! I ♥ babies and I totally ♥ this family!! The day we picked for Hunter's first photo session was only eleven days after he had joined the world. He didn't care to sleep a whole lot but he did lay on the charm. Stole my heart, this young man did! I got in lots of snuggles, sniffed his neck and savoured his newborn perfection!

The top of our session was with a wide-awake babe but he was so mellow and pleasant... I could've done it all day! And clearly, this sweetheart is a direct reflection of the calm and happy energy that his parents exude. What a happy, lovely family. Did I mention that I LOVE my job?!?

Thanks for sharing this exciting time with me, Lara & Eric. He's absolutely perfect.

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