Oct 4, 2010

taryn & kaysen | whitehorse children's photographer

Holy moley! This family sure makes beautiful babies! Meet the brand new Taryn and her ultra-handsome big brother Kaysen. These guys got to spend the afternoon in front of my camera today and boy, did they EVER win my heart!! This sweet little punkin is so teeny and snuggly... I could've stayed there all day holding her! She took a little while to settle but once she did, oh goodness, she just gave us GOLD!
(notice the big fat elbow dimple! *swoon*)

Of course, as mom was settling new baby sister, Kaysen needed to get me all warmed up! He is a charmer and a half... could it be those eyelashes? I'm thinkin' so! I know I say this all the time but man, I love sessions like these. I have the best job. ever.

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