Oct 18, 2010

braeden & robyn | whitehorse children's photographer

I love it when my friends ask me to photograph their children. As though it weren't enough of a gift to have these remarkable women in my life, they then invite me to be a part of archiving their family's history in images. I know they feel like I'm giving them something but when I walk away from a session having created images like these, I know that my life is richer for having the opportunity to stop time in such a beautiful, magical way.

This is the lovely Robyn. She's graduating high school this year and leaving to very broken-hearted albeit proud parents behind to go to University in Ottawa. Big ambitions and an exciting life lay ahead for this stunning young woman.

This handsome young man is Braeden. From what I understand from his mama, he lives for hockey. He plays hard and makes those who know him proud of his commitment to his sport. He graciously agreed to having his photos done (to make the aforementioned mama happy, I suspect) and wasn't giving away smiles for free but I do think I managed a rather accurate representation of the broody teenager, don't you think? A charming guy who clearly would do *almost* anything to make his mama happy :)


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  2. Great shots of Braeden and Robyn Vanessa! You for SURE would have made Sandra's day!