Sep 19, 2010

matthew | whitehorse children's photographer

Months ago I was asked to photograph these guys. My business was brand new and nobody knew me from a hole in the wall but this mom, Elke wanted to book me for fall photos as soon as possible. I wasn't sure how I was going to manage. They wanted a couple of family images which made me a little nervous because I really only photograph kids & babies but I figured if I can rock a maternity session, this isn't a whole lot different. The part that intimidated me the most wasn't the fact that the dad, Gerard is a Harley-ridin' biker...nope, that wasn't it. It wasn't that they are a French family and my French SUCKS... nope, that wasn't it either. Both Elke & Gerard are non-hearing. Their darling son, Matthew is a doozy of an interpreter! PHEW (plus Gerard is a rockstar at lipreading!! PHEW again!)

When I arrived at the Harley dealership, I was greeted with smiling faces (on all the burly biker men who all stuck around to watch the goings-on, I might add!), beautiful weather and a very charming & funny Gerard. Elke arrived with Matthew and we got right down to business. The temps were a bit chilly but the sun was warm and so was the company. We laughed lots, made some super fun photos and enjoyed a day in the sun downtown at the Harley dealership and also up at Fish Lake. All in all, it was one of the funnest (yep, that's a real my world it is, anyway) days I've had in a long time. Thanks for a great time guys :)

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