Sep 19, 2010

asher, kiran & aidan | whitehorse children's photographer

There's something extra, extra awesome about being given the opportunity to photograph the children of friends. One of my besties in the whole world is Tara and these three turkeys are her boys. I love these guys like family and photographing them was busy (because that's just how they roll) but I think I managed to grab a wee morsel of their personalities.
This session has been a long time coming and we waited patiently for the beautiful fall colors and boy, they didn't disappoint.

Sweet, sweet Ashie being his usual, charming heart-melting self... *sigh*

This would be Aidan pretending he's not SUPER excited about having his picture taken!

And really, what is there to say about this. This is Kiran being Kiran. So stinkin' cute.

And last but not least, we have Ned. He's the family dog and he is loved so dearly. He's a massive, hairy, sweet & affectionate (did I mention massive?) dog. I think Neddy is pretty great. I love dogs and taking his photo was the cherry on the cake of my day.
♥ Thanks gang!

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