Sep 18, 2010

jenna, hannah, meghan & matthew | whitehorse children's photographer

I ♥ morning sessions! The light is just dreamy and everyone is full of what my granny would call "vim and vigor".

Back in February, I met this family to photograph their newest addition (Jenna) and her next-in-line big sister, Hannah. It was a fun & entertaining session which included loads of laughter so when they booked another session for all four siblings in the fall, I was pretty tickled. Four kids is a pretty decent sized group to wrangle and well, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE a good challenge.

We got the group stuff outta the way before social politics started to interfere but shortly afterward, we got some doozies of each sibling on their own. This lovely young man, Matthew is the oldest of the four and the only boy. Sorely outnumbered but charming as heck anyway!

This little Miss Hannah was having the best time EVER with the dandelion puffs. Favorite toddler/preschooler and overall kid thing to do in my fields :)

Even though at the early hour we were shooting, this tractor wheel was CHILLY (and her biscuits were freezing) Meghan rocked this shot and I think that this has got to be one of my most favorite shots of the day.

and finally, we have the darling Jenna. The baby. I photographed her when she was only a few weeks old and now she's such a big girl!

I must say, this job is so fulfilling. I love watching my clients' kids grow up and blossom into their own unique personalities. It's so fun capturing their own magical sparkle and creating images like these for their families to enjoy forever. Thanks so much for coming out to my farm, guys!

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